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For information on Electronic Calculator 1.5 (the previous version), click here.

Electronic Calculator 2


Electronic Calculator 2 is the must have companion for anyone who works with electronics, whether experienced or novice, working on vintage sets or the most up to date of circuits.

EC2 is far more than just another resistor calculator (although it does of course offer this facility).  Here are some of the facilities available within the product:

  • full installation and un-installation support
  • comprehensive context sensitive help (uses CHM, which is searchable)
  • very simple and intuitive user interface, with colour coded input/results fields, and hints available on all controls
  • resistor calculator for traditional colour band types and the body/tip/spot variety
  • reverse resistor calculator - input a value and work out the colour bands (or body/tip/spot colours) the resistor should have
  • capacitor colour band calculator for general and ceramic types, including capacitor code value calculations
  • calculate resistors and capacitors in series and parallel (works in both directions, either to find the resulting value, or to calculate what to add to get to the resulting value)
  • calculate in line resistor and/or capacitor dropper values, with enhanced options such as calculating heat dissipation etc.
  • scale compare between pF, nF, uF, mF (for capacitors) and ohms, K ohms and M ohms (for resistors)
  • work with ohms law and power calculations
  • inductive and capacitive reactance
  • coil frequencies, frequency conversions, resonance calculations
  • data file creation (such as for creating resistor data sheets)
  • library of excellent quality schematic symbols
  • image viewer for making images available within Electronic Calculator (useful for viewing existing circuit diagrams for example, without the need for an external graphics editor)
  • customisable options for category list behaviour 

To get a closer look at Electronic Calculator, click here to see some example screen shots, or simply download an evaluation copy.  Electronic Calculator will run on just about any Windows PC - see below for more details.

System Requirements for Electronic Calculator 2: 

Electronic Calculator will run on almost any Windows based PC:
Processor any Intel/AMD (or equivalent) from 486 onwards
OS Windows 9x, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista
Hard disk space less than 3MB
Memory any amount that supports the current OS (very little required)
Screen Resolution Ideally at least 1024x768, although 800x600 will just about do

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